Judi Fernandez


Judi Fernandez has provided her leadership and management experience over the last 30+ years in the healthcare and nursing fields. Her early positions and experience included critical care and dialysis which advanced to early promotions and leadership responsibilities. Career progression included; marketing/sales/education of dialysis devices and services, performance improvement and quality management positions for acute and chronic dialysis companies. She has also worked as a Clinical Director for a national dialysis chain, and worked in operations management for a renal laboratory. She has been a Nurse Analyst for a corporate defense litigation firm, and lateralled over into education as the Campus College Chair for the College of Health Professions for the University of Phoenix in South Florida. Judi completed her BSN from Fairleigh Dickinson University and her Masters’ degree in Nursing Administration from Florida Atlantic University. Her current role is the Administrator and Director of Business Development for United Dialysis Center Inc. where she oversees chronic kidney patients in the dialysis setting, while maintaining federal and state regulatory guidelines. Judi stays active in community activities which include participation in advisory councils for nursing and healthcare programs as well as volunteering for several healthcare organizations locally, and speaking on primary prevention in the tri-county area.

Kimone Cockett


Kimone Cockett is our facility’s charge nurse. She has over ten years nursing experience dealing with acutely ill patients. Her responsibilities entail the supervision of patient care technicians, the observation and monitoring of dialysis treatments, record maintenance and acting as a liaison with auxiliary medical staff. Nurse Cockett constantly strives to improve the level of patient care through supplemental training and the acquisition of new certifications. She believes the patient’s quality of care and comfort are paramount.

Jodi Waugh-Santos   Jodi Waugh-Santos is a Registered Nurse in the state of Florida and has exceptional experience in renal care. She also has several years in hemodialysis hospital acute care and managed hemodialysis home program. Jodi has actively provided hemodialysis care treatments and implementations to both chronic and acute settings. She is responsible for the oversight and integration of clinical unit health team and patients care.