Pursuing a healthcare profession can be a tough task, as the person has to be perfect in what he does, otherwise even the tiniest of errors could risk the patient's life. But due to the fact that medical professionals work to provide us with healthcare facilities, they go through a rigorous educational and training process before being recruited by a hospital or a clinic. Additionally, it takes years of experience before someone is perfect in what he does, thus eventually an expert is created who is among one of the most reputed personals of the society. A dialysis technician is also a medical professional who goes through this education and training period, specifically designed to allow them to handle kidney patients, which may require the dialysis treatment. Dialysis technician checks and monitors the dialysis machine and how the patient is coping with the treatment; thus he plays a key role along with the doctors in making the treatment effective. The field of medicine has greatly advanced over the years, and with the passing time as more and more diseases emerge on the scene, researchers are constantly trying to find a cure for all of these diseases. This struggle against diseases can never be carried out unless we have advanced technology and highly qualified doctors and technicians. Kidney failure is one such disease, and with the help of technology patients can prolong their lives with the help of dialysis machines. Naturally, the doctors cannot always monitor and maintain the machines as they have a lot of other patient load, thus it requires proper training of professionals specialized in managing this treatment; these professionals are called. A dialysis technician is not only aware of the function of the kidneys but he also has the complete technical knowledge of the dialysis machine, allowing him to assist the doctor when a patient requires this treatment. There are some key things that a dialysis technician does before a patient is given the treatment. Naturally, to operate the dialysis machine, the technician must be well aware of the process of kidney dialysis and also the way the machine works. The different components of the machine require special maintenance and optimization for the patient, which is the responsibility of the technician to make sure everything is right. Thus, prior to when the treatment starts; the dialysis technician examines the health of the machine, prepares the blood sterilization solutions and constantly monitors the machine during the treatment. Additionally, the technician also has to check some vital parameters of the patient such as, the blood pressure and weight before starting the dialysis process. These parameters are also checked during the dialysis to make sure everything is going smooth. Special emergency measures are also taught to the technicians so that they can quickly respond if anything goes wrong.   Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6991369