"United Dialysis Center has completely changed the way dialysis service is delivered to patients. Their professionalism and quality has delighted both the doctors and patients. I am so glad they are able to provide high quality and affordable dialysis to patients like myself. Thank you UDC!" Christopher Eisenman

"The best part about getting dialysis done at United Dialysis Center is the friendly nature of the staff who make you feel very comfortable during dialysis. This clean and spacious dialysis area makes UDC one of the best." Eleanor Johnson

“I have been able to have more normal eating habits and feel more energetic and healthier than before I started home dialysis. My appetite is just fine! I feel much less lethargic! My nurse is very sweet, knowledgeable, resourceful, and has made this dialysis stuff bearable!“ Michael Wattingburg

"I have been able to continue working and eat a wider range of foods. I feel more energetic than before I started dialysis. The staff is pleasant and cheerful, which makes it worthwhile." Jeffrey Michaelson

"Everything about United Dialysis Center is quite simply superb, (this was our third visit) it is difficult to see how anyone could improve on such a well run establishment." Mandy Kindel

"Both my husband and I were made to feel at ease as soon as we stepped into the clinic. I didn't feel as though I was in a hospital environment! I just wish I could have my treatment there all the time. We were so pleased with United Dialysis Center that we have already booked again for our next trip to Florida." Amanda Dorelien

“United Dialysis is the best ever! The people are very nice and always helpful. They do a great job and I recommend it to people who need it“ Ronnie Berenson

“The best dialysis center is in Pompano Beach, Florida and is called United Dialysis. They have better services, cleanliness and all the nurses and staff are the best! Especially my nurse April!“ Mr. and Mrs. Mastrantoni

“You can’t find a better place to be in case you need dialysis. It’s the only place to go in Florida!“ Eddy Elias