Tinnitus rehabilitation

Get to the root of your hearing and balance difficulty. We carry out the full remit of hearing and balance tests, including:
Any patient requires an individual approach. It is necessary not only to establish the cause of pathology, but also to identify comorbidities, assess the emotional background, determine adverse household and professional factors.
The doctor should learn about the use of ototoxic drugs or constant intoxications. Often, the patient requires additional advice from a cardiologist, hematologist, allergist or endocrinologist. Only comprehensive examination and treatment helps to eliminate or reduce the patient’s unpleasant sensations.


Hearing testing takes place on the most modern equipment.
We always recommend seeing a qualified doctor once you have discovered any hearing problems. Treatment at an early stage of the disease is much more effective.


Based on the results of the audit, you will be provided with specialist advice.
We will find an individual approach to everyone who needs to contact our centers. Regardless of the service provided.

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We are committed to bringing you the hearing care you deserve with the expertise and service our patients have been enjoying for years.