Understanding, preparing for, and coping with dialysis can be overwhelming for patients. In order to lessen the burden on yourself, prepare and ask your nephrologist questions to help you prepare for treatment and understand the goals of treatment.   

What is dialysis?

If you don’t feel confident that you understand what dialysis is, what it does, how it works, and why you need it, take time to ask your kidney doctor for a full explanation. He or she should be happy to acquiesce your request.   

What Can I Expect at My First Dialysis Appointment?

Things you may want to know include whether you can eat or drink before your appointment, how long the appointment might take, if you will be able to read a book or watch TV during your session, and whether you can take your regular medications before the session. You may even be able to receive a tour of the dialysis center in advance.   

How Will I Feel After Dialysis?

Patients often wonder if they will be able to return to work, drive, or care for their children following their dialysis appointment. Knowing how you’ll likely feel following treatment will make it easier to plan for assistance if necessary.   

Are There Potential Complications? What Signs and Symptoms Should I Look For?

To ensure appropriate treatment is sought for any complications that may develop, learn in advance how to detect complications and who to call if one should arise.   

Will My Insurance Cover Dialysis? What Will My Out-of-Pocket cost be?

Taking the time to make payment arrangements in advance can relieve the patient of stress than occurs when the first bill arrives. Dialysis is typically covered by insurance, but copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles may apply.   

How Often Will I Need Dialysis?

How often you need dialysis depends on what kind of dialysis you are receiving and your kidney function levels. Your doctor should able to provide a rough schedule.     For more information regarding dialysis, please contact us by calling (754) 307-1536.