Dialysis mimics a person’s kidneys through artificial diffusion of waste and filtration of water from your body. If a person with damaged or failing kidneys goes on without dialysis, it can be fatal.    So how do you live a normal life with dialysis?   

Living A Normal Life On Dialysis Tips

  • 1. Keep positive and focused. Remember, dialysis is just a temporary solution while you wait for a kidney transplant. Staying healthy and strong through your ordeal will give you a better shot at receiving and accepting a donor kidney.
  • 2. Take time to plan things out. There are doctors and clinics located everywhere that can accommodate your needs. Just plan out when you’re traveling or doing things that might be restrictive.
  • 3. Be mindful of your diet. The more toxins you put into your body, the more waste you’ll produce. More waste means longer dialysis treatments. Keeping to a healthy diet will ensure your extra time isn’t stuck doing dialysis and will help prevent some common dialysis side effects.
  • 4. Don't hide the fact you're on dialysis. Let people know when you’re away from home so they can accommodate you. It’s best to have a medical ID bracelet that identifies what type of dialysis you’re on and your emergency contact information.
  • 5. Look into overnight dialysis cyclers that remove waste from your body while you sleep. What better way to leverage your sleeping time when you’re on dialysis?
  • 6. Be around friends and family. They will support you while you’re going through this ordeal. You’ll find the most energy being around these people.
   United Dialysis Center can be reached by calling (754) 307-1536.