There’s no doubt that home dialysis – both hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis – offer the opportunity for more personal flexibility and control. But it isn’t for everyone.    Here are six tips that can help you integrate home dialysis into your lifestyle:  
  • Make choices about what is important in your life each day.
  • Be realistic about what you want and what you can do by eliminating things that don’t fit.
  • Participate in the “yes/no” philosophy. If you say “yes” to a new activity, then you may need to say “no” to an existing activity for which you will no longer have time.
  • Multitask when possible. During PD cycler or short daily HHD treatments you can work on the computer, complete some crafts/hobbies or study.
  • Use shortcuts when you can. A shortcut refers to a technique that makes life easier, such as eating kidney-friendly pre-made foods (don’t forget your phosphorus binders) to cut down on meal prep time and using a mail order pharmacy, such as United Pharmacy, to cut down on time spent going to the pharmacy. You can gather all the supplies that you will need for your treatment in the mornings before going out for the day to speed up your hook-up process in the evenings or once you're home. Note: Shortcuts do not refer to shortening or missing the dialysis treatments or skipping safety and infection control procedures needed for home dialysis therapy.)
  • Move slowly and stay the course. When feeling overwhelmed, slow down, sit down, calm down and wind down with stress reduction techniques, such as deep breathing, mental imagery, calming visualization, exercising, making to-do lists and reassessing priorities.
   You can enjoy more aspects of your life when you’re on home dialysis. Use the six tips provided here so you can finish the things you need to do in addition to getting the adequate dialysis you need for a better quality of life.    Contact United Dialysis Center in Pompano Beach, FL for more information regarding Dialysis.