United Dialysis Center is headquartered in a beautiful, state-of-the-art facility in Pompano Beach, Florida. We provide a modern kidney treatment facility and in-center hemodialysis with service that is second to none. We provide the highest quality hemodialysis treatments by highly skilled and caring professionals in a safe, comfortable and pleasant environment.    The entire professional staff of United Dialysis Center is dedicated to serving patients with personalized, professional, dignified, friendly service promoting vastly improved health for an enhanced, happier lifestyle.    Each renal patient is assessed by his or her Board Certified Nephrologist as well as by members of our multi-disciplinary renal team. Our primary focus is to create an environment that is serene, private, and luxurious, using state-of-the-art dialysis equipment, in a spa-like facility with flexible scheduling, that serves the needs of the dialysis patient with personal care and dignity.    We want to be sure that the working dialysis patient can keep and maintain their job for years to come. If your scheduling needs are complex or your physical distance from the facility is significant, we can further accommodate your needs by taking the dialysis equipment to you, to your home, and perform your treatments in the comfort of your house.    Dialysis South Florida Dialysis in South Florida   Dialysis South Florida United Dialysis Center Dialysis in South Florida Pompano Beach       United Dialysis Center can be reached by calling (754) 307-1536 today!