Nephrologists spend most of their life’s work studying, healing and rounding on their patients – improving their patients’ lives by bettering their clinical outcomes. For new nephrology physicians who are seeking to be apart of a practice, create their own skilled nursing facility, or for established practices ready to hire a physician and expand, the procss can take valuable time and energy away from top clinical priorities.    This is why United Dialysis Center – a dialysis center that provides a full range of treatment options, including conventional in-center hemodialysis, acute care, home dialysis training and staff-assisted home dialysis within skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities – is the go-to partnership for affiliated practicing nephrologists and nephrology fellows. United Dialysis Center stays abreast of the best practices in nephrology and strives to provide career growth and continuous assistance to the nephrologist community.   

A Great Place To Work, All While Making A Difference

We provide a simple platform for connecting medical directors with nephrology fellows actively seeking clinical job opportunities in their area. We also help with nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Our team members join United Dialysis Center because they are looking to be part of something visionary, new and exciting. Our member’s voices are heard, ideas are shared and personal milestones are celebrated throughout the organization. We do not believe that healthcare should be impersonal. We believe it is the most personal profession, one that touches lives every day. In joining our family, you’ll experience a fun place to work, all while making a difference.    If you are a nephrology fellow, contact United Dialysis Center to submit your CV. We look forward to hearing from you and growing together!