Revitalize Yourself at United Dialysis

United Dialysis Center is a relaxing, private, and state-of-the-art dialysis center. Every feature of our facility supports the comfort of our patients as they experience dialysis like never performed before. Get expert medical attention, replenish your body’s vitality, and receive the routine treatments you need while enjoying luxurious relaxation in a supportive, well-appointed atmosphere of true care.


Get essential treatment from trained, compassionate dialysis specialists.


Receive wellness-enhancing dialysis treatment under expert clinical care.


Feel safe, comfortable, and at ease in a patient-centered environment.


Experience superior dialysis technology, equipment, chairs, and more. 

A Better Dialysis Experience

With plush ergonomic chairs, smart televisions, and other amenities—United Dialysis Center offers everything you need to feel comfortable well-being while receiving life-enhancing treatments. Under our medical team’s direction, we’ve created a spa-like facility catering to patients with treatments designed for your unique comfort.

Personalized Medicine

Personalized medicine plus a well-appointed patient environment creates healing moments of elite medicine. From the moment you enter United Dialysis, you’re greeted with peace of mind and warmth from caring specialists. You can immediately unwind, relax, and recover in our healing hands. We offer multiple dialysis treatments for your complete well-being.

Get Dialysis with Your Insurance

United Dialysis Center offers the highest level of medical care, assisting patients regardless of insurance coverage. We find specialists, schedule appointments, handle special arrangements, and offer total patient convenience. Learn more by verifying your coverage or calling today.

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We want every patient to feel better, experience ease, and leave our center with more energy and vitality than they’ve felt before. When you need dialysis, you often feel drained, tired, fatigued, and plagued with discomfort. Treat yourself to a luxury spa-like dialysis experience through United, and see what custom treatment can do for you.